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William Osman is Being Too Sensitive

William Osman is a YouTube content creator known for science projects and invention videos. He recently posted, “I’m done,” where he tries to explain his dislike for the negative comments coming his way. Not only does the video come off as sympathy bait, but it received overwhelming support, with people praising him for talking about harassment and bullying on the platform.

There’s only one problem. William Osman is being too sensitive. His examples of “judgmental” comments and criticism are that of trolls or minor insults and critiques. I personally enjoy William’s content. I think his videos are quite enjoyable. The overwhelming majority of people think this, too. This is because he is an entertainer. He isn’t spouting political or controversial topics. He’s trying to entertain the audience with his inventions, and it works.

In my newest video, I explain my opinion on his inability to handle a self admitted small amount of mean or judgmental comments he receives as a 2.52 million subscriber public channel. Agree or disagree with my points, at the end of the day, his reaction could have been a lot better.

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