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Misspelled Apex Legends Hashtag Trends on Twitter

No one is perfect when it comes to grammar or spelling, and we all make mistakes. But the number of people who have spelt “ApexLegends” wrong in the the last 3 days has led the hashtag to trend on twitter. Some seem to have noticed by this point, but many seem to just continue posting mediocre clips of team wipes without seeming to care.

One main theory for why this hashtag is trending is a translation error from Japanese to English. This theory is supported by the overwhelming amount of Japanese posts in the hashtag. This opposed to the Japanese versions that someone would use instead.

A mediocre clip to be honest. While it was a decent double kill into being kill leader, it’s not anything to write home about. 3/10.

Small streamers have to find some way to get their name out there, and hashtags are a good way to make that happen. Although, this guy doesn’t seem to be in on the fact he spelt it wrong. He also seems to like using copyrighted music in streams, and his “Fade Grips” affiliate link in his bio gives a 404 error. Might wanna get that one checked out, 1/10.

Another person seeming to not notice typo in their hashtags. Sadly, these clips are even worse that the first one. I understand you can be proud of a good Flatline spray down, buts I think a second opinion in the editing process would be best. We can’t always look past our own recorders bias.

Onto the Japanese

Full disclosure, I do not speak Japanese. However, you’re still going to get shlacked by me for this clip. When translating the text, the header for this video says, “Heal drone is the best! !! !!” The video proceeds to show everything you don’t want in a highlight reel. The Lifeline player fires an ENTIRE Havoc clip straight into a Gibbie shield, followed up with some Mozambique shots that completely miss their target. They heal a bit, get caught with their pants down, then manage to pick up a kill on the one that spooked them. Overall, solid 2/10 clip.

Another Japanese post, this one losing points for different reasons. While you wouldn’t know at first glance, these hashtags are not for the game in question. “#VALORANT” and “#Rainbow Six Siege” (in Japanese). The video is more of a funny moments highlight of some stuff these “#couple gamers” were doing. I will also give points for the amazing Japanese voice acting in game, 6/10.

The Self-Aware

Plenty of people have noticed at this point, and some are event starting to embrace the hashtag. I personally think it suits the community well. Especially Caustic mains.

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