Shipment of RTX Graphics Cards Stolen

In the gaming and computer world, graphics cards are the key to a smooth and powerful experience. The highly inflated GPU market has seen shortage and scalping. However, last week EVGA announced that a shipment of RTX Nvidia graphics cards were stolen.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on October 29, 2021, a shipment of EVGA GeForce RTX 30-Series Graphics Cards was stolen from a truck en route from San Francisco to our Southern California distribution center

EVGA Jacob F

The Cost of Stolen Cards

Throughout the past decade, GPU prices have been rising for the consumer. This increase isn’t in retail MSRP, but in aftermarket sales price. An RTX 3080 graphics card, one of the top of the line products on the market, goes for an MSRP price of $699. This means that the recommended sales price you would by the card from anywhere that sells them is going to be around $700. However, these cards are in such high demand that they are being automatically bought out by automatic scripted bots to be sold for up to $2,000 a piece.

Stolen GPUs are less talked about than the more common scalping method, but this story comes at a time when Nvidia has been promising an increase in GPU supplies to combat inflated prices. Chip shortages have also lead many to speculate if that’s possible, as some car manufactures are cutting back on touchscreens in vehicles to offset the cost.

Luckily, the cards seem to have been tracked based on serial number, and the manufacturer is able to void warranty on all cards lost in the theft and deny registration of any stolen product. These statement also explained that in most jurisdictions, buying stolen goods itself is a crime.

PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that under state and Federal law:

It is a criminal and civil offense to “buy or receive” property that has been stolen. Cal. Penal Code section 496(a).

It is also a criminal and civil offense to “conceal, sell, withhold, or aid in concealing selling or withholding” any such property.

EVGA Jacob F

If you live in the San Francisco or Southern California area, be wary of unopened RTX 30 series cards being sold at reasonable prices. If it seems suspicious, it very well could be. You can use the EVGA Warranty check website to see if a card you bought recently is affected by this theft warranty lock.

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