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JustaMinx Claims TikTokers Tried Invading Home, Throws Rock Through Window

On June 6th, 2022, Twitch streamer and online celebrities JustaMinx and CodeMiko, members of Envy Gaming, took to Twitter to describe their run in with members and friends of the GoHouse, another content creation group. CodeMiko explains, “A tiktoker (stranger to us) tried to get into our home, when denied he threw a big rock at Minx and Lewis…” Minx also shares, “After he threw the rock he told us to come down and fight. My anger stupidly got the better of me and I ran down, and all four of them fucking ran off.” Minx shared more information including a small piece of video footage taken after the alleged incident.

CodeMiko doesn’t elaborate much further, although this incident would be only one of the many challenges she’s dealing with, including a permanent Twitch ban.

Minx Side

JustaMinx went into more detail during a stream, “she’s like, ‘there’s people downstairs, and their like, trying to get in. Their saying that they used to live here and like, they’re allowed in, and their allowed to come in and see the view and stuff.’ And I’m like, that sounds like fuckin-a scam for home invasion-shit. It’s 1AM on a Sunday night.” She goes on to explain, “Even if they did live here before, it is 1AM, they’ve not lived here in over a year. And they think that they’re allowed to come up to our house, and come in with their friends… It just makes no sense in any way.”

Minx talking about the incident on stream.

Minx claims the four individuals refused to leave after being told to by multiple individuals, after which she was asked to try and get them to leave. “I go out on the balcony and now Lewis is with me, too. And I’m like, I’m like, ‘Fuck off our property…’ I will say, I was very very rude, but this is the one time where I’m like, I’m kind of allowed to be rude because you’re fucking trespassing.” She admits she could of handled the situation with less heat, and admits to spitting towards them, as a sign of “disrespect”. “I spat on, like right beside Andrea’s car, as more disrespect thing.” She claims they were no where near where she spit, them being on the outside of a gate. “So I spit on the ground, nowhere near them, and the guy with curly hair loses his shit. He’s like ‘Come down here you fucking bitch, come down here!’.”

She describes there being one female, “that was actually kind of fucking smart,” who wanted to leave, and was trying to convince them to leave. This is when “the curly haired one” allegedly threw the rock. “He grabs a fucking rock, and I will say, I am impressed by his strength, because we were on the third floor… and he just rips it at us.” She says the rock missed them, but broke through the screen door next to them. She also claims she threw a Connect 4 set at them, being the closest thing to her, which broke into pieces upon hitting the ground..

You can watch her full explanation here:

Minx then explains that because he threw a rock, that was evidence enough that he didn’t have a gun, so she then went outside and chased them off. She then plays footage on stream of her and Lewis yelling down to the man who allegedly threw the rock.

Minx explains she then went too far when she ran out bare foot after the car when they started reversing away, screaming profanities at them. She also claims that even though the police were called twice, no police ever showed up.

The GoHouse Responds

While not all parties involved are known at this time, Rhegan Coursey, a member of The Go House appears to be the level headed individual involved that night. She does not deny the encounter happening, but tells a story that is slightly different.

Rhegan’s Side

On June 8th, she posted a series of TikTok videos explaining her side of the story. “A lot of things were left out, a lot of things were misconstrued, so I just wanted to make some things clear.” She refers to the security footage Minx shared on Twitter and TikTok

“In this video, you can see her walking around bare foot in her house. But she makes it out to be like that’s us, and that we broke into her house and that we were walking around. That never once happened, we never went inside the house…” However, this framing of the video doesn’t align with the information that was shared by Minx on Twitter, or in her Twitch stream, where she says this was her and Lewis after the four individuals left.

Rhegan explains her and Smitty, another tiktoker who doesn’t appear to have any activity in the last few months, were with two out of town friends and wanted to show them the view outside the house they used to live in, which currently belongs to Minx group.

Rhegan says after realizing the view wasn’t that great from outside the house, they wanted to try and get permission to go inside to get a better one. After asking the first person to meet them near the door, she explains she started showing videos and pictures as proof they used to live there. More people then came out where they brought up concerns that they were all pretty drunk and that a lot of “important” people were there.

Rhegan explaining what her friends were doing leading up to and during the alleged incident

“We didn’t ‘use our clout’ to enter a house. We told them who we were and what we did, because they told us that the only reason they were hesitant about us coming in is because ‘there were important people there’ who did social media. When we heard that we were like, ‘oh, we do social media too, like, we used to live here, here’s the proof,’ we showed them that we lived in the house, the videos that we’d make in the house. That’s the only reason our handles, or who we were got brought into it.” She also reasons in her response that it wouldn’t make since to tell the occupants who they were and give identifying information if they meant to do anything harmful or threatening.

She then explains after the conversation with the first few people, a female, being Minx, comes out of the balcony and begins yelling “slurs” at them. “So then a girl outside, she’s wearing a dress, she’s barefoot, and she starts yelling slurs at my friends… We were caught off guard, cause we were just having a normal conversation. One of the people who, it was a guy. Once she had started yelling slurs at us, then he went in front of the garage doors, so he could look at her eye to eye.” This is when both sides say Minx spit in the direct of the “curly haired” man, who responded by throwing a rock back at her. “The guy grabs a rock, and throws it up there. Again I just want to make it clear I did not do that, Smitty did not do that, and we had no part in that.”

Watch Rhegan’s full response here:

This is where the main difference in the story comes in. As where Minx claims she then responded by throwing her friend’s Connect 4 set at them, Rhegan claims that Minx through a vase, which shattered near her and her friends. Besides this detail, both stories line up pretty consistently, with Rhegan explaining the same chase down the drive way as Minx did in her Stream.

Rhegan also makes an emphasis on one of the girls she was streaming mentioned she was sick that night, mistaking CodeMiko, who was sick at the time, for Minx, and creating a correlation between Covid-19 and Minx spitting at them.

Who Threw The Rock?

In her explanation, Rhegan avoids naming the individual who threw the rock at Minx, but states it was not her, nor was it Smitty. This leaves the two friends who were “visiting” town. We can’t know who exactly threw it, but analyzing video Minx shared on Twitch, along with statements from herself, seem to suggest that the person she believes to have thrown the rock was Smitty.

The Evidence

During Minx’ stream, she shows off a small portion of footage she recorded from on the balcony. The video shows a man yelling at them from outside a black car. When asked his name, he response, “Papi Chulo.” Lewis yells, “Fuck off!” from the balcony, and the man responds with, “Or what?” Comparing audio from this clip with audio of Smitty and Rhegan, the voices are the same. This means the person standing outside the car is most likely Smitty.

Frame of the alleged trespassers
Smitty, aka TheKidSmitty, one of the 4 people Rhegan states was present that night

The problem comes with conflicts in Minx and Rhegan’s stories. After showing the clip of the person shown above yelling from outside the car, Minx explains that this is the person who hurled the rock at her and Lewis, meaning the individual responsible would be Smitty. However, this conflicts with Rhegans story, that it was neither her, nor Smitty, who threw the rock, leaving one of the two unknown individuals for us to assume to be the culprit.

Currently, people online are assuming that the culprit could be fellow Go House member Ace of Spades.

Upon closer inspection of his voice compared to the person Minx claims to be the alleged assailant, there is no similarity at all between the two.

Whether or not Minx and the house plan to press charges for the damages is not yet known, but information on the situation is limited while the question stands.

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