TikTok Star JinnKid (Skyrim IRL) Charged in Wife’s Murder

Social media influencer Ali Nassar Abulaban has been charged with two counts of murder earlier this week. Abulaban, aka JinnKid, is known primarily for his TikTok series “Skyrim in Real Life. He has a combined follower count of over 1 Million across all social networks. Ana Abulaban, his wife, was one of the two victims of the shooting. Her friend Rayburn Barron was also shot and killed on the 35th floor of the Spire San Diego luxury apartment complex.

The reason for the murder is said to be that JinnKid believed his wife was cheating on him. NBC San Diego reports that Ana was in the process of ending their marriage. After she kicked her husband out on October 18th, he began to stalk her. He allegedly installed an app on his 5 year old’s iPad to monitor the house without Ana knowing.

On the 21st, JinnKid heard Ana with another man, Rayburn Barron, and returned to the apartment with a firearm, where he shot and killed both Ana and Rayburn. Luckily their daughter was at school when the incident took place. A neighbors Nest doorbell camera caught footage of Ali Abulaban leaving the home after the murders.

Ana and Ali Alulaban

According to the Deputy District Attorney Taran Brast, Abulaban confessed to the murders to his mother as well as the police. He also told his daughter that he “hurt mommy.” Brast successfully argued that JinnKid posed a flight risk, as well as a risk to the community. This lead to him being held without bond until his court date.

JinnKid’s Recent Uploads

The news comes as a shock to his nearly 1 Million fans on tiktok. His fame can be traced to his quite popular series of Skyrim IRL videos, where he imitates the flawed AI the game is known for. His more recent videos have mostly consisted of Scar Face impressions. The latest video starring his late wife was posted on 18th of August.

Shockingly, his last post before the shooting was posted only hours before the reported shooting. Police say that a call came in around 3PM, most likely being placed by Ali himself. He then picked his daughter up from school, and was apprehended with her in the car.

JinnKid posted John Wick video hours before murdering his wife
Facebook Video Posted Hours Before the Shooting

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