Roblox Servers Down Across All Platforms

Roblox is dead at the moment, with over 30,000 reports on Down Detector coming in around 5PM MST. More reports trickled in throughout the night as 12 year old kids across the country panicked. Roblox is one the biggest gaming platforms in the world. Bringing in over 3 Million players daily, the outage hasn’t gone unnoticed. The hashtag #RobloxDown even hit the Trending page on Twitter.

The account @blox_status keeps track of the status of Roblox’s servers, and reported on October 28th that game and account services were impacted. The reason for the outage is still unknown, with some speculating the site was attacked. Some suspect a DDOS attack (Distributed Denial of Service) could cause this type of issue.

Others theorize that the outage was caused by a collaborative promotional event with Chipotle. The official Roblox and Chipotle accounts tweeted out the limited time server they would be hosting. The event would allow the first 30,000 players who visited to get an actual burrito at any store for free.

The official Roblox twitter account has not released a statement as to why the outage occurred. The only things we know are through the Roblox Server Status account. This includes the player count before and after issues were reported. Player count dropped from 3.3 Million to 300,000 a few hours later.

Without a firm statement on why the servers are down, some are worried about their data. Login services are effected and there’s no guarantee Roblox’s data servers are secure at this point. Until Roblox gives a firm statement on the cause of the outage, we can only guess what the cause is. Be that a DDOS attack or an overwhelming number of people trying to get a free “Boorito,” the only thing people are able to do is guess.

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