A Quiet Place Video Game Set for Release Next Year

Earlier Today, Paramount Pictures announced the development of a horror game based around the blockbuster success A Quiet Place, one of the most popular horror franchises in recent years. A new twitter account @AQuietPlaceGame was created, and tweeted out the website associated with the release.

Saber Interactive is Heading the Show

The publisher involved with the project is Saber Interactive, a company known to have worked on a wide number of remasters, including the Halo and Crysis franchises. However, when it comes the horror titles, their success hasn’t yet proven itself. One title they’ve developed is World War Z The Game, a 2019 Left 4 Dead style shooter that saw mixed reviews on release. Their recent release, World War Z: Aftermath, has tragic player counts on Steam, barely breaking 6,500 concurrent players in its first week on the platform. Numbers that aren’t even half the player count of the decade old franchise they were trying to imitate.

However successful their recent releases, the company seems to have plans to continue working on movie franchise adaptations. Their most recent horror project before this announcement was the Evil Dead video game. Originally set to release late this year. The game adaptation has been delayed to February of 2022 to give the team time to polish the multiplayer experience while also allowing them time to implement a single player option.

Promotional artwork for the Evil Dead video game set to release next year

In a press release earlier today, the company announced they will be working with iLLOGIKA, a Montreal-based studio with veteran talent from the Rainbow Six and Far Cry franchises. The strangely spelt studio is known to have worked on a number of mobile games, and their most known collaboration Cuphead.

Is it Worth Paying Attention to?

There is still hope the game won’t be a flop. One of the core reasons the game has in its favor is the fact it will be a, “single-player, story-driven horror adventure.” One of the reasons flops nowadays tends to come from the overwhelming saturation in the multiplayer market. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to online gaming, which do you stick with? As a single player experience, the game is much less likely to run into the issue of a low player count killing it off. If people want a story driven game, they play it differently and for different reasons than the usual person plays multiplayer games.

While not much is known about the gameplay mechanics that will be included, when it comes to horror, its hard to go wrong. As long as the game isn’t falling apart like the launch of cyberpunk, a decent story is all we need to be worried about. And if you’re wanting a multiplayer experience of surviving a blind monster, maybe take a look at In Silence.

Survive against Rake, the nearly blind monstrosity who’s only goal is to kill

As for Survival Horror in general, Outlast and Alien: Isolation are both good picks to get into the season. Both being great horror inducing experiences.

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