The Strangest Things You’ll Find in Your Candy

Halloweens trick or treating is the perfect time to stock up on enough free sweets and treats to make it till Christmas. But in today’s day and age, there still looms a fear in parent’s hearts over something unsavory making it’s way into their children’s candy bags. For decades parents were told their kid’s candy could end up filled with deadly drugs or razorblades. This belief is mostly a myth, based off an incident in which a father poisoned his child for life insurance money.

Throughout the years the internet has decided that the horror of imagining something awful ending up in your kid’s candy is something we can make fun of. And here are some of the best things people have “found” in their candy through the years.

The Best Worst Things in Your Candy

A razor blade in your apple

One of the oldest versions of this memes is the “apple in your razor.” A twist on the classic imagery parents were freaked out by whenever receiving a caramel apple.

A gun in your Twix

Personally, if I were to find one of these in my candy I’d think it a blessing in disguise. This 50 cent Twix is your new state of the art security system. Just hope it already comes with the ouchy rounds you need or it’ll be nothing but a paper weight.

Smarties? More like Sharpies

Off the bat, these versions of the “Smarties” candy aren’t what anyone from the USA would recognize. In fact, these candies are more like M&Ms than the Smarties we know. But either way, these treats have obviously been tampered with, and would be sure to do some damage if you weren’t careful.

Pocky’s hiding insanely large vehicle

Some poor parent had to open up this box of Pockys. Only to find not only were they cracked down the middle, but there was an entire M4A3E8 Sherman tank hidden among the strawberry covered sticks.


Being a parent is hard enough without having to worry about kids running into this sort of risk. You could be one Almond Joy 47 away from taking over the competitive CSGO scene.

It’s a dangerous world out there. If you aren’t careful, you could end up accidentally taking a bite out of a Glock-18. So stay safe out there, and make sure to check your candy before consumption.

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